Hartz Flea & Tick Drops nearly killed my 1 year old cat!

our cat Samantha is only 1 year old. we’d just moved to a new apartment and hadn’t had any problems with fleas yet since we had gotten rid of them at our old apartment and had been treating both of our cats with Advantage. well, we live on the ground floor of our new apartment complex so we were bound to have some problems again, I guess.

my boyfriend called me at work and asked me to get some spray for the apartment. while I was at the grocery store I remembered that we were out of Advantage and it would take me several days to order it online for a reasonable price so I decided to pick up some Hartz Flea & Tick Plus drops for cats under 10 pounds. I applied it to both of our cats when I came home. our 3 year old cat Daphne was fine and still acting like her spunky self but Sam started acting very reclusive, napping all day, and wasn’t interested in eating. after about a day and a half I decided that she was definitely sick from something, but I didn’t see how the drops could be the source.

I called the closest vet hospital and told them what we’d given her and she told me to wash her and bring her in immediately b/c it sounded like “Hartz toxicity.” I was floored. I was convinced that I had killed my cat. my boyfriend rushed her over there while I did some research on the ‘net and came up with this site. if only I had done the research first, we may not have a $475 vet bill.

I’m outraged that this vile product is still on the market and is killing so many cats each year. the vet said they have something like 1 cat in every single week due to this poisoning! I plan to submit a formal letter of complaint with all of our bills attached b/c nothing else could have caused a very healthy and active 1 year old cat to have tremors and nearly die. I’m just so glad that we caught it in time before she deteriorated anymore.

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