Be aware of Hartz products

Thursday, October 2nd, I applied hartz flea and tick medication to my cat ditzy, friday evening he was walking as if he was drunk, drooling form his mouth and having tremors. I first called his vet and reched the service at 8:30 pm. The vet never called back. By 9:45pm he had a grand mal seizure that lasted minutes and then left him disoriented and weak. I continued to call the vet to no avail. By 5am he showed some improvement, we were able to contact another vet who saw him immediatley. We were able to take him home and continue to monitor. He continued to have slight tremors and his appetite returned. However by sunday morning his tremors intensified. I contacted the vet who gave us seizure medication. He has received two doses and is now calming down. I wont know the outcome, if he survives only time will tell.

I want to know why this product is still on the market after all the complaints and the class suit actions. How can our government allow this to continue to be sold. How many more animals will die due to this product. If anyone out their can help get this off the market please contact me at [email protected]

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