I am a volunteer and Board member for the Nittany Beagle Rescue in State College, PA. About a month ago, the President moved to Maine and I decided to keep one of the little guys that had been up for adoption. This little guy’s name is Boy and that’s his name because his owner (of 8 years) couldn’t have cared less about him and didn’t even give him a name. He hadn’t seen a vet until he came to the rescue and right before he came, he had a hematoma removed from his left ear. Now, he has a chronic yeast infection in his ears and one of his ears are actually crinkled. On Wednesday night, I purchased Hartz flea and tick to give to my dogs. At 8 pm I gave Boy his dose (keep in mind that I gave him the 18-33 lb dose and he’s 28 lbs). A half hour later he had a Grand Mal seizure. He vomitted 5 times uncontrollably before I could get him in the car to go to the hospital. I can’t tell you how much this entire experience has broken my heart. He should be okay but has to stay in the hospital for another day. TELL EVERYONE NOT TO PURCHASE HARTZ PRODUCTS. I can’t believe that there is a product on the market that nearly killed my baby Boy.

Victim of Hartz

Last year we bouhgt Hartz flea drops for our dogs. We put the drops on the dogs as directed and within a few days, we noticed all the hair coming off the dogs where we had put the drops. We contacted Hartz and told them what had happened to our dogs. They refunded our money. Now we go to the vet to get our flea drops. Something has to be wrong with this product.

Linda Harbin
Whitesburg, Tennessee

Hartz needs to be held responsible.

I have four cats. Two of them are fairly big. Two are small, around 4 pounds. Since the drops only came in a pack of 3, I decided to use a full tube on each of the bigger cats, and split the last between the two smaller ones. About 4 hours later, my Svetlana came staggering up to my son, who then brought her to me. She was trembling and convulsing and couldn’t catch her breath. After about an hour of this, she went into some VERY severe seizures. I thought that I had lost her. Since it was on a Saturday night, the emergency vet told me it would cost me about $500 to help her. I definitely can’t afford that. I don’t mind spending money to keep my pets healthy, but it really makes me angry to be pressured to spend ridiculous amounts because of an uncaring, greedy company, (Hartz, of course). I want this product off the market once and for all. I know that it can be done. I am willing to help in any way I can. It was heartbreaking to watch that poor little cat suffer, especially at my own hands. Hartz definitely needs to answer to this.

Penni Herrick

I went out to wal-mart to purchase some Hartz products for my animals. Not knowing what I would experience. I put the drops on my two cats and 1 dog. I used the spray for the kitten. Thirty minutes after putting this on my little kitten he began having convulsions. We took him to our emergancy vet after we were told to wash him three times and wash all the other animals as well. The vet thought he might have pulled thru the ordeal but the next morning we awoke to him in pain and having several convulsions one right after the other. We had to rush him back to our vet and they are treating him but they are not sure if he will pull thru or not. He is fighting for his life at this moment. No one should have to go thru this nightmare. Our animals are our childern, whom we love very much. To watch something you love in pain from a product you thought as safe is crazy. Instead of the product saying “kills tick and fleas” it should say “kills your pets on contact”. I wonder if Hartz would treat their own animals with the product they market and swears it’s safety. I pray we can take them down one day. I sit and worry every minute and pray I don’t get a phone call telling me the worst.

Penni Herrick