Letter from Sharon


Thank u for building this web site. I can not believe that the new owners of Hartz are making huge profits off the good name that the sterns family made.
I trusted the hartz name to be safe. I put the flee and tick drops on my two cats. One of them almost died. The other one was outside during a rain
storm that nite and most of it rinsed off. LUCKY HIM AND ME. I am telling everyone I meet and know, not to use their product. I found out that
the J.W. Childs Assoc. L.P. owns meow mix cat food. I wonder what is in that food that could kill cats. I am boycotting everything that company handles.

My trust was totally taken advantage of. Not forgetting the vet bills their stuff product caused, my cat almost died. She trusted me to take care of her.
I thought I was doing the right thing. These profitteers should pay big time for all the hurt, pain, and cost they have cause in the name of their
business bottom line. They are raping americans and betraying their trust.I never knew about this. Now I do. 

Has Bill O-Rielly of the no spin zone been informed of this??? I want to E-mail him. Do you know if this has been done. We need someone big on
this. Local newspapers and TV are not getting the job done obviously. Let me know please what you have heard.


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