Hartz Tick and Flea Spray made our dog crazy and sick!

Our 80 lb dog Sterling (he’s a mutt) had some itching on his back so we decided to spray him with Hartz flea and tick spray last night. Minutes after we sprayed him, he was acting funny. He paced around our house for two hours crying and drooling, unable to sit down for even a minute. Soon after he even vomited. After we saw this reaction, we remembered months earlier when we had used the same spary on our dog Sampson and his strange reaction. It didn’t occur to us at the time that it was the spray, Sampson dosen’t like getting baths so we figured this was just something else that bothered him… little did we know it was REALLY bothering him and it was completely the HARTZ spray. My husband went home at lunch today and bathed Sterling to get this poison off of him. We are fortunate that both of our dogs are okay after having this product used on them. I had never heard the horror stories till I started searching today, once seeing Sterling’s behavoir last night. I am telling everyone I know not to use any type of Hartz product!! and I never will again!

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