Broken Hearted by Hartz

I am in tears tonight as I read your website. I just buried the second of two kittens that died on me the last two days. I recenlty tried the Hartz for cats/kittens flea spray on these two by spraying a towel and then wrapping them in a towel. I had read the back and there was no warning on the label it seemed. However a friend pointed out to me in small print at a corner to peel the top label off and read underneath the original label. My heart sank as I read in small print “do not use on animals under 12 weeks” this is outrageous and misleading to the buyers. Why would you not put this info in plain view? Why was this info hidden underneath the top label? The youngest kitten died within 24 hours and the other hung on for days. I never thought it might be the flea spray because of the lack of warning and because i did not spray them directly. I was going crazy trying to figure it out. Since they came from the shelter we assumed they were sick and put the second one on antibiotics. The second one seemed almost drunk and lethargic. Would not eat. She seemed to get a little better and then like an idiot, i saw a few fleas on her last night so I sprayed a small Qtip and swabed a small area where the fleas were. she went down fast right after that. I feel awful. All the time I am trying to figure out what is wrong and there it was. please tell me what i can do!

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