My Cat had reaction and My Heart Goes Out to Everyone

I bought the Hartz Flea Drops for My Precious Baby (Mo BeBe). I can’t believe I almost could have killed him, I could not handle it.
I lost my cat of 15 years almost 2 years ago (not Hartz related). I was not planning on another cat, being that I still have one other elderly cat living, but Mo Bebe found me. Someone had dumped him on the street, as a kitten, I heard his crys and said “KITTIE?”, next thing I know this beautiful white cat ran to me afraid and shaking. He was sent to me from somewhere and I knew he was mine!

Now about 18 months later, I thought I was doing something good. I applied the drops as directed, and within 15 minutes I noticed he was acting oddly, but didn’t think much of it. Until about an hour later….I found him hiding in the back of the closet, his eyes were glazed and he seemed to not be able to focus or comprehend anything. His ears were twitching and he was shaking a bit. He also kept pawing at his face in a crazed manner.

I went online, originally to check the Hartz website, but found yours. After reading the first entry i immediately washed him. I was so worried, I called several Emergency Animal Hospitals. They said I did the right thing by washing him and should continue doing so (with either dish soap or a mild oatmeal soap) for the next few days. I wanted to take him in somewhere, but I am currently unable to work and waiting for disability, and they all want payment up front. I watched him closely the entire night and next day and prayed.
Its been 3 days now and he seems ok mentally now, but he has a huge red burn mark were the drops were applied and the fiur is gone there also
.I keep bathing him daily and I hope he will be ok.

Had I known all this before I NEVER would have bought the stuff. You think Hartz is a good company, I am disgusted with them!!

I am telling everyone I know. I also contacted the local news stations in the area, and they are interested also.

I f anyone could email me info about the class action lawsuit or anything regarding that I would greatly appreciate it.

Again, my heart sincerely goes out to those of you that have lost “your children”. Hartz is going to pay!

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