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Sender’s Name: Noel Thomas
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Hi. My name is Noel Thomas. I have been in a living hell all this week. It started Monday night with my 4 month old kitten going crazy.

I put a hartz flea collar on him the day before. By that night he kept crying and so we took it off. The next night he just got worse and worse. He started drooling, and running around the house crying and jumping all around. Finally we took him to an emergency vet office that is open at night. They were so awful!!!!!!! The vet just kept saying that she thought it was rabies. Within 5 min the cat had passed. She then instructed up to go the hospital and be vaccinated for rabies. When we went to the hospital the doctor said that he felt it was not rabies and that they had not had a outbreak in 50 years.

They tested the cat at the county lab and the test was negative. In the mean time I have been living in a living hell!! I have several other cats and was so afraid that they would become sick as well. I told the vet that I thought it could be the flea collar and she just would not listen!!!

Is there anywhere I can complain? Do you know if there is a place to call to complain on vet? Any info would be great.

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