my experience with Hartz

Melissa Johnson
Beckley, Wv 25801


Back in July 2003 I applied the hartz flea drops on my 12 year old very healthy cat.
The next few days were horrible..he went into seizures, wouldn’t eat, had tremors. I immediately contacted
my local vet and he stated that I would have to SHAVE my cats beautiful full coat and get him in as soon as possible as my cat was dying from the poison from the Hartz flea drops.
My cat was shaven..bathed and put on IV fluids. Today he is doing better but he has residual effects from the flea drops.
I contacted hartz and told them my story and was very upset with there company. At that time I was asked to submitt my bills and the product package, I did exactly what they asked. I cried for days and suffered from guilt of what I had done to my cat.
Today (2 months later) I came home from work to find a HORRIBLE LETTER from hartz, it reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Johnson:

Thank you for submitting the requested information regarding your cat, Oscar Bear. After an extensive review by our veterinary staff, it is our determination that Oscar Bear’s problem was caused by inappropriate use of the product.

As it is a Violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling, inappropriate application of the product would not be considered the fault of the Hartz Mountain Corporation. We strongly recommend that all pet owners read and follow label directions very carefully, before applying any product to there pet. Hartz cannot assume responsibiltiy for product misuse. However, as a gesture of Goodwill, we are making a decision to reimburse you for professional services rendered and also for product cost.

Hartz’ mission is to enhance the Human Animal Bond by proving quality products with innovative and technological solutions developed with proven science and love for companion animals. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Jill Richadson
Associate Director
Consumer Relations and Technical Services

NOW, I called Hartz and was told that the WHOLE staff was in a meeting and that I would be getting a return call later in the day. A few minutes later I recieved a call from Rosemary a Hartz Rep. When I questioned her as to how I “misused” there product she informed me that it stated on the product label that the product should not be used on “aging” pets. Hartz considers a cat 10 yrs or older to be “aging” regardless of its health, BUT it does not state this on the package, How am I an ordinary consumer suppose to know that !!!!!! If it shouldn’t be used on pets over 10 yrs old then they need to put that on the lable, BUT as I calmly stated to Rosemary, its a nice loop pole to prevent them the libality. I will be speaking with an attorney.
Its not about Money..its about accountabilty and there lack of it.
If they would have stated somewhere in this HORRIBLE letter ” Mrs. Johnson we are sorry for your experience with using the Hartz product and we hope that your cat is in good health” just a simple gesture of concern I might be able to accept there lack of accountabilty for selling poision, but Hartz even lacks the one natural instinct that every human should posess…CONCERN.
Hartz is a big company with NO HEART.

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