Bad reaction to Hartz 4 in 1 cat flea medication

I just wanted to let you know my cat had a serious reaction to the Hartz 4 in 1 flea medication. I was unaware of the problems with Hartz products and purchased the flea medication. I applied the proper dose on my cat and within hours she bgan to scratch the medicated area and also had frequent tremors/shaking of her head and leg. She spent the next 2 days at the veterinarian getting medication and IV treatments. She is now home and seems to be fine. I am in the process of writing a letter to Hartz demanding reimbursment for both the vet bill and purchase price of the flea medication. I don’t understand how Hartz can continue to sell this medication when there are so many people who have had experiences similiar to mine. Thank you for getting this information out.

Kevin E.
Lacey, WA

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