I am a volunteer and Board member for the Nittany Beagle Rescue in State College, PA. About a month ago, the President moved to Maine and I decided to keep one of the little guys that had been up for adoption. This little guy’s name is Boy and that’s his name because his owner (of 8 years) couldn’t have cared less about him and didn’t even give him a name. He hadn’t seen a vet until he came to the rescue and right before he came, he had a hematoma removed from his left ear. Now, he has a chronic yeast infection in his ears and one of his ears are actually crinkled. On Wednesday night, I purchased Hartz flea and tick to give to my dogs. At 8 pm I gave Boy his dose (keep in mind that I gave him the 18-33 lb dose and he’s 28 lbs). A half hour later he had a Grand Mal seizure. He vomitted 5 times uncontrollably before I could get him in the car to go to the hospital. I can’t tell you how much this entire experience has broken my heart. He should be okay but has to stay in the hospital for another day. TELL EVERYONE NOT TO PURCHASE HARTZ PRODUCTS. I can’t believe that there is a product on the market that nearly killed my baby Boy.

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