Over the weekend my mother had bought some Hartz flea shampoo for my dog. By Wednesday of that week Molly had begin to vomit. By Thursday she was unable to eat any dog food because she could not keep it down. She vomited at least seven times Thursday evening. Thursday night she also started having diarrhea. At 12:00am her face started to swell, so bad she could barely see. When I called the vet he told me to bring her in first thing the next morning. When I got up the next morning to take her to the vet, I noticed that her swelling had gotten worse over night and she was now breaking out in hives. The vet said that Molly had had an allergic reaction. Last night I noticed that her chest had what looked to be blood under the skin. The swelling in her face has went down, but has moved to her chest and her shoulders. I am stilling keeping a close eye on her, hoping that I acted in time.

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