Hartz needs to be held responsible.

I have four cats. Two of them are fairly big. Two are small, around 4 pounds. Since the drops only came in a pack of 3, I decided to use a full tube on each of the bigger cats, and split the last between the two smaller ones. About 4 hours later, my Svetlana came staggering up to my son, who then brought her to me. She was trembling and convulsing and couldn’t catch her breath. After about an hour of this, she went into some VERY severe seizures. I thought that I had lost her. Since it was on a Saturday night, the emergency vet told me it would cost me about $500 to help her. I definitely can’t afford that. I don’t mind spending money to keep my pets healthy, but it really makes me angry to be pressured to spend ridiculous amounts because of an uncaring, greedy company, (Hartz, of course). I want this product off the market once and for all. I know that it can be done. I am willing to help in any way I can. It was heartbreaking to watch that poor little cat suffer, especially at my own hands. Hartz definitely needs to answer to this.

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