Almost lost my cat

Like everyone else, I was unaware of the danger of Hartz Advanced Care flea and tick drops. After following the directions precisely as the packaged label stated, I noted within a few hours that my beautiful calico cat was suffering from muscle tremors. She was rushed to the vet where she was diagnosed with pyrethrin toxicity (yes from the flea and tick drops poisoning her!!!) She had generalized muscle tremors, was mostly unresponsive, had an elevated temperature and heart rate. She required immediate bathing, IV Fluids for 1 and a half days as well as several dosages of methocarbamol, a muscle relaxant. She continues to be pretty out of it and lethargic even 3 days home from the hospital. When I spoke with the Hartz corporation they were nonchalant to say the least……..I am now working on getting my “Pumpkin” back to good health and on alerting all pet owners that I know. I think mass emails would do nicely.

My Vet thinks

A few days after applying Hartz flea drops on our cat, we found him acting stangely. First, he kinda hid outside and would’nt come in the house. A few housrs later he came in, but pretty much stayed in the same spot for hours and would’nt eat. After two days of not eating, he finally took some milk. Then we noticed his pupils were completely dialated,and were’nt reacting to light. We took him to the Vet where he was given a complete blood test, which showed nothing wrong. When I told the Vet he started acting stange after the drops, he said it may be the cause. We had to have him bathed by a professional groomer, and the Vet gave him several shots to counteract a possible reaction. After three days, the cat still has fully dialted pupils, but is eating and drinking normally.I have to take the cat back to the Vet in a few days.I found the empty vial of Hartz drops and plan to take them with me. If this is found to be the problem, I intend for Hartz to hear all about it!!

Hartz gets even lower…

I was in my local Sears Hardware Store on Tuesday to buy a sprinkler…I noticed the flea and tick medicine right next to them and thought I should get some for my dog and cat. I even looked at the packages to be sure they were “newer” and not old dusty stock. They were in bright shiny new packages. I went home and followed the directions for both pets… stripe on…. base of head to tail. It was a busy night and I didn’t realize that my cat had spent most of it hiding in the closet. The dog was fine. The next day, my cat, Dexter was having tremmors and leg flailings and was hiding. He was licking at his back. I washed his back with a wash cloth to see if that would stop him from licking. It didn’t. I looked on the back of the package and it only said something about redness and skin sensitivity. I washed him in the sink because he was still having the tremors. I called the vet and was told to take him into the emergency vet hospital. He was freaked out by being there but the tremors weren’t as bad. The vet said he was better than most and that it was a good thing I washed him. She told me to take him home and wash him again. I did. He looked bad still the next day. I went to a Petsmart vet and Dexter was placed on IV fluids and was given muscle relaxers. I had to leave him there and went back to Sears Hardware. I took about 40 mislabeled packages off of the shelf and gave them along with the EPA regulations to the manager. It turns out they just started carrying Hartz products 4 months ago!!!!! Hartz has stooped to an ALL TIME LOW!!! They knew they weren’t supposed to send out this product with the bad label after November and they did it anyway! I am so mad! I get to pick Dexter up in a half hour. Poor baby had to spend 2 days at the vet! After all that I’ve read, I feel lucky though. He still has some tremors and ticks, but hopefully they’ll go away. Sears, by the way, has been wonderful. They’ve contacted Hartz and are sending back the old packages and have spread the word to all branch stores. I’m contacting anyone who will listen. I guess Hartz thought they could get away with sending the old packages to a hardware store because people would think it was there for a long time. What jerks! Any suggestions?

What I’ve Seen

From the knowledge I’ve recieved working in the veterinary field, most flea & tick topicals should be used with caution on our pets. But, I have to say, I’m going on 5 years in this field and I’ve never seen one product alone cause sooo much harm and sometimes death as this product. When a person comes in with a pet with tremors and says the only thing that they have done different that day was apply a flea topical, they always look at us in amazement when we say, “Did you use Hartz by any chance?”. Please use the flea and tick control your vet recommends. Yes, I know it costs more, but from what I’ve seen, its worth every penny. I would never use Hartz on my 2 cats. I don’t know anyone in the vet hospital I work at that would either.


My cat Chloe almost died this past Sunday. I believe it was a direct result of us applying Hartz flea droplets a week ago. She could barely breath I had to take the poor thing to the emergency vet clinic where they drained her lungs, which in itself is a life threatening procedure. On Monday I took her to our regular vet who tested the vial of fluid drained out of her. She was also negative on every test they gave her for disease. The vet has come to the conclusion that she developed some type of infection or reaction which caused her lungs to fill up with fluid. I believe it was the Hartz because she showed no symtoms prior to the application of flea medication. If anyone’s pet has shown similar symptoms after being treated for fleas please contact me @ [email protected] Thank you in advance
Anne Tamel