My Cat Was Extremly weak.

We applied Hatrz Advanced Care Brand Flea and tick Drops the day before. The next moring Bella my 4 month old kitten as staggering and weak. We observed her and my mother immediatly rinsed of the Hatrz Advanced care. We washed her two more times with diluted soap. She still was weak. She couldn’t lift her paw to us and hardly could move. We called the vet and took her in immedaitely. The vet told us that Hartz should be taken off the markets because a lot of animals die from it. Our cat was given Phenobarbital and Dexamethasone.
She’s slowly recovering and getting better. I say someone should start a large lawsuit and involve all the victims. Hartz could lose! I wish this never happend. I also have a question. Why is it so posionus to cats but my dogs are fine?

My Hartz Nightmare

Yesterday I purchased Hartz advanced care brand flea and tick drops. I was completely unaware of the danger they posed to my healthy 2 year old cat. Hours after I used the product, I noticed that he was avoiding me (at first I attributed this to the new kitten). Then I noticed he was rather lethargic. He had trouble getting on the counter to eat and soon after began trembling. I read the package of the product, which only alluded to “sensitivities”. I knew his problem was worse than that. I made a frantic phone call and soon rushed him to the veterinary hospital. When I arrived, the people at the front desk informed me that they get at least 2 cases a week of poisioning caused by this product (the vet herself informed me that she has called the company and even called stores to get them to stop stocking these products) By the time I left the hospital last night my cat still wasn’t stable. Thankfully I received word this morning that he will pull through. I wish I had found your site and been informed about this product sooner. I’ve been on hold for 2 hours waiting to inform the Hartz Mountain Corporation that their product has poisioned yet another animal. They should be held accountable for their deadly products. Thank you for your efforts to make people aware of the effects of Hartz products and for attempting to make Hartz listening.

Another Hartz Poisining..

I recieved a kitten from a friend and noticed it had a really bad flea infestation. Wanting to do something about this I went to my local Wal-mart and saw the Hartz Flea and Tick drops for cats and kittens under 10#. Hartz I thought was a long standing name brand and thus was in my mind probably my safest bet for flea relief for my kitty. I applied it as directed to on the box and then retired for the evening. When I awoke my kitten was in full body spasms and could’nt ambulate at all. His eyes were also fully dilated and twitching, I immediately called the vet who advised me to wash the cat with mild soap and lots of water and bring it in. When I brought my kitten in to the vet he said to my horror that they have had many many cats in for exactly the same reaction to the hartz drops. I asked how can they market something that is known to kill or injure so many animals on a regular basis and all he could tell me is “I don’t know, someone ought to sue them into waking up and taking this product off the shelves.” I am lucky and it looks like my kitten may pull thru this but my heart goes out to all those whose pets were not so fortunate. If anyone has any current information on a class action lawsuit against Hartz I would appreciate it, these people will only change if you make them feel it where it hurts…. their pocketbook. [email protected]

Need Advice

Hi! I gave my cats a treatment last night. I noticed that one is acting distant. His ears were flicking and he had some slight twitching. It is impossible to bathe these guys, so I tried wiping it off a bit. They are both still a little distant, but I haven’t seen any twitching. Should I still worry? I have reached almost 24 hours since treatment. Though they are acting distant, they aren’t twitching. Advice???

My Dog Lost His Hair!

Well about a month ago we put Hartz Flea and Tick Drops on our chocolate lab. BIG MISTAKE! He started losing his hair like crazy. So we took him to the vet and they told us that it was an allergic reaction to the Hartz stuff. I WANT THIS STUFF OFF THE SHELVES!

Within 24 hours..

Please read this and beware! Just a week and a half ago, I gave my cat a flea and tick treatment: Hartz Control Spot. Within one hour she went into seizures. I rushed her to the animal hospital and withing 24 hours she died. “Zoe” was only two and a half years old..was an indoor cat and the love of my life. As soon as I arrived with her at the animal hospital they asked me if I had used the Hartz product on her..of course I said yes. I was later told by my Vet that the product should not be on the market and that it was very toxic to many cats nervous systems..due to the ingredient “permethrin”. He also said that he had contacted all of the merchants in my immediatae area and asked them not to carry this product due to its potential danger to cats. My Vet and all of his assistants did everything they could to save Zoe..but they were not able to. I am very determined to do something about this situation. Nothing is going to bring my pet back..but the satisfaction of trying to get this product off the shelves will help ease some of the pain. I did contact the Hartz Corp…and sent them the information they requested. I have no idea what they are going to do or offer, but know that even if they were willing to pay her hospital wouldn’t be enough. I want only to have this product banned from shelves any and everywhere. No one…and I mean, NO ONE should lose thier pet by “caring” enough to give them a flea and tick treatament. My heavy heart wants some kind of justice for this injustice. Please, not only DO NOT buy this product..spread the word to anyone you know who has a cat or kitten. This situation is just so unbelievable to me…and so unfair and sad. One day I have a beautiful loving cat..the next day I am making her a grave marker.

Hartz Flea Collar Caused Seizures

About one month ago I bought a Hartz Control Flea and Tick collar at Wal-Mart for my dog Roger. He is a 9 year-old Australian Shepherd. I put it on him that night and thought nothing of it.

Three days ago Roger had a gripping seizure. He was calmly snoozing at my feet one minute and convulsing, frothing at the mouth and stiff the next. To our knowledge, he’s never before had a seizure. I took him to the vet’s yesterday and he checked out okay. After some advice to look up the chemicals in the collar online, I found that one of the main ingredients, tetrachlorvinphos (an organophosphate), has been known to cause several side effects in both cats and dogs. I’m convinced this is the cause of Roger’s seizure and immediately removed the collar upon becoming knowledgeable of the effects.

Roger hasn’t had a seizure since, though it’s only been three days. However, I’m praying that since removing the collar, he won’t have another episode again. After perusing this site and the horror of my own experience, I certainly won’t be using any Hartz products, and I will be sure to warn others.

Bad Reactions to Hartz Flea Drops for Cats

I applied the Hartz Advanced Care Flean Tick Drops for cats a few days ago to my four housecats. All four are not related and are different breeds and ages. I followed directions precisely and almost immediately starting seeing my cats acting strange. One in particular (my biggest cat) had the worst reaction. He started running around in a panicky state and then burrowing himself under the couch cushions and would not come out. I got online and started researching only to find out about the lawsuits and all the other horror stories. I washed it off as best i could from all four cats and watched. I am a lucky one. After about three days of some erratic behavior but no seizures or convulsions it appears my cats will be alright. As of now i have two cats with complete bald spots on the back of the neck where the drops were applied with redness.

I am so angry that this product is on the market! I have gotten busy writing The Hartz Mountain Corp, and every other store that sells these products. So far i have heard back from Hartz which actually stated and i quote “they had no reason to believe there would be an adverse reaction”. Can anyone believe that? After they have been going through lawsuits for years?

I wrote them back stating i couldnt believe they said that in their letter and we will see what they reply.

NOW THE GOOD NEWS! I went into my local Winn Dixie Grocery store where i purchased the product and told them my story and was SO pleased they immediately got a shopping cart and took all the hartz flea products off the shelves! It felt so good to DO something about this….im asking everyone to do the same. My daughter who lives in another state went into a local pet store who carried these products and did the same thing. THEY removed them! So it does work and if we can save any pets from this pain its worth it! So people dont just get mad…….get active!

I Poisoned my cat

I gave my 2 year old little cat the Hartz flea and tick drops (Phenothrin) in the morning. At the same time I gave my 10 year old cat the last dose of Revolution (Selamectin) flea and tick drops. I left the house for the day and when I returned that evening my 2 year old cat was experiencing hypersalivation and rapid breathing. She seemed uncomfortable and agitated. I thought she would overcome it so I let her be for a few hours and then started to worry when it continued. Meanwhile the 10 year old was fine. When I went on line I immmediately found a court case where a woman was sueing Hartz for damages and this site. I immediately washed my 2 year old in the sink in an effort to get all the medication off. She stopped the hypersalivation but is lethargic this morning and still is breathing fast. I will return the product to the store along with a copy of this web site to show that they should discontinue sales. I think she will be allright – should she see a vet?


These pictures are the most disturbing that I’ve ever seen. You have been forewarned.

Yes it is. Please see the attached recent photos of buddy taken on
7/26/03. My veterinarian has put her self on the line by writing hartz on
my behalf and I intend to do something about this produced being sold.

Sincerely Connie Stewart
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Was this chemical burn due to a Hartz product?

Sender’s Name: Constance Stewart
Message: First I would like you to know that my e-mail is very spam
sensitive. I would like to email to you some photographs of my dog buddy
that I and my Veterinarian took of the 3rd degree cemical burns that buddy has
form his neck to his tail all along his back and about 6″ wide to the
bone. I have contacted Fox 6 news and they are in the process of
investigating the company on my behalf.


Connie Stewart