Hartz nearly killed my cat.

Since Hartz is a well-known brand that has been available
for years, when our cats got fleas, we decided to pick up
a package of Hartz Flea & Tick Control. We applied it
to the backs of the necks of three of our cats, two
neutered male mongrels and a female bengal breeder.
The two mongrels did fine, but the bengal female became
sick. She suffered stomach convulsions and yowled in pain.
At the time we didn’t know about the animal ambulance, and
from what we were seeing, we didn’t think we’d get her to the vet’s on time. Besides, we didn’t want our to die in a hospital. We wanted her home where she could be held and loved.
We washed her off and prayed that she would recover.
Happily, she did so and is now living happily with her mother (whom we adopted later), three half-brothers, one half-sister three nieces, and one nephew.

Hartz flea drops killed my cat

This is a follow up to a story I wrote two days ago regarding my male cat Mo who died today about a week and a half after I used Hartz flea drops on him. As I said before, I watched for signs and there were no immediate signs, but a week after the drops, he was lathargic and ill.

Today, at 5 a.m. he passed away. I am going to contact Hartz regarding this. It is not the money I spent on the vet bill I care about, I only want them to STOP putting this on shelves. They have a logo that says: Every pets best friend”…..if that is true, why are they continuing to produce this flea product which is so lethal to so many cats!

I pray that all little animals don’t have to go through what my Mo did. His red cells dropped day by day and he fought to live. Now he is in a better place.

Hartz killed my cat!

Sith (my 2 1/2 yr. old Black Domestic Shorthair) had some fleas. I went to Walmart and purchased Hartz drops, brought it home and put it on him. Putting medicine on him is a feat in itself since he only allows you to touch him when it’s convenient for him (his Mom was a Siamese). A little later I noticed he was acting groggy but it was hot out so I didn’t think much of it. The next day he was worse so I called the vet from work. The receptionist told me there had been several cats brought in recently who’d had bad reactions to Hartz. She told me to bring him in the next morning when the vet would be in. I got home that night and my husband met me in the driveway. I asked what he was doing. He told me he was digging a grave because Sith had died about 15 minutes before I got home. I just tried to contact Hartz.com, Every Pet’s Best Friend and apparently got black listed!!!! I wasn’t rude, and didn’t include any random swears (as I am prone to doing). That was another feat! I will be writing a letter to the local paper in hopes it will get published. I have also contacted PETA. I would like to express my condolenses to other who have lost their companions because of Hartz carelessness.

Who really owns Hartz

In December of 2000, Hartz Mountain Corporation was sold to a fund managed by J.W. Childs Associates, LP, a leading private equity investment firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, specializing in leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations of middle-market growth companies in partnership with company management.

For the 75 years prior to the buy out by, J.W. Childs Associates, LP, Hartz had been owned and operated by the Stern family. No doubt the Stern family is responsible for the long term ‘good name’ and reputation the Hatrz label implies.

J.W. Childs presently manages over $1.5 billion of equity capital, and has extensive experience investing in the consumer products and specialty retail industries, through current or former ownership of

American Safety Razor
Bass Pro Shops
Chevys, Inc.
Dobson Communications Corporation
Edison Schools, Inc.
Equinox Fitness Clubs
Hartz Mountain Corporation
Insight Health Services
Jillian’s Entertainment Corporation
Meow Mix
National Nephrology Associates
Pan Am International Flight Academy, Inc.
Universal Hospital Services, Inc.

After researching, J.W. Childs Associates, LP,it is apparent that the main concern of the entity is solely to make a profit at any cost.
This undoubtedly explains why and how the ‘Class Action’ legal action filed against Hartz was settled out of court. It also a counts for why the thousands of consumers who have made complaints about Hartz Flea and Tick Drops, have been treated unfairly by the company and made light out to the EPA.

If you read the various EPA documents pertaining to this issue that are available online, you will see that Hartz, (J.W. Childs Associates, LP.) told the EPA the reasons for the numerous complaints made by consumers, were not do to the use of the product, but rather the inability of American consumers to, 1.(Choose the cat version of the product rather than the dog version), 2.(The inability of the American consumer to read and correctly follow label directions for use)and
3.(A possible mixed up of the two versions in a certain batch)

The EPA responded to that information in 2001, by having Hartz, (J.W. Childs Associates, LP.) recall the Flea and Tick Drops product to ‘re-label’ it.

Despite a re-labeling of the product, a legal action and thousands of complaints being made consumers across the nation, this product is still being sold. It’s is being sold to unsuspecting, pet owning American consumers, who want nothing more than to help the pets they care so much for and to rid them of fleas.

What many of these American consumers are finding out after the fact,
is that instead of helping the pets they care for, they are causing them serious injury and in far to many cases death. This, of course included to the costs incurred from extensive Vet, animal hospital, ER care and services needed to save their pets from death.

The degree to which American pet owners care and love their pets is shown every year in the money spent to provide for their pets.
Although, I don’t have the figures at hand, to be sure the ‘Pet Industry,’ is making record profits.

Hartz, owned by, J.W. Childs Associates, LP. obviously is only interested in ‘profits’ and not the well being and safety of the many pets it’s product continues to harm and kill.

J.W. Childs Associates, LP. Refuses to admit any wrong doing or that they have purposely mislead the EPA. It is all to apparent they have no intentions to anything but continue to sell the product and make a profit.

When contacted by a company representative, four months after my original complaint and asking when the product would be recalled, was told, and I quote, “You must be stupid if you think they are going to stop making a product that they make so much money of,” unquote.

I believe that the only way the American public can now deal with thiis issue
is by boycotting all the companies and products managed by J.W. Childs Associates, LP.

Hartz flea drops is killing my cat

A week and a half ago I applied Hartz Advanced care flea drops, for under 10 lb. cats, on my three year old male cat Mo. He is twelve lbs. and so I figured it would be a light dose of this product.

He did not exhibit any signs immediately. However, he seemed to hide and want to be isolated from us, which is not his nature. Within a week, he suddenly became very weak and sleepy. I had read that if there is a reaction to bathe the animal which is what I did in diluted shampoo. This was traumatic for him due to his weakened condition. We took him to the vets and they ran blood work on him to the tune of $161 and also said he was negative for feline leukemia and aids. They said he appeared to have something going on that dropped his red cell count drastically. They don’t think he will survive. We are giving him fluids with a needle inserted in his skin and hoping for the best. It didn’t appear that there had been any liver or kidney impairment yet, but there is little hope for him.
I am so sorry that I used this product on my once healthy rambunctious boy. If he doesn’t make it, it will just break my heart. Hartz will know about this if he does die!!


You know you usually don’t think of investigating products for your pets before you buy. We have a healthy 2 year old cat to which my wife saw 1 flea on her and we were scared it would harm her. So she insisted on me to go get something for her so me and wife go to grocery store and pick up this product and go home I apply like directions say which was covered up by a metal antitheft tag over majority of the back. So I couldn’t see alot of the precautions. Well about I applyed at 6pm yesterday and 12 am this morning she usually sleeps with us she was acting very irrated running around restless. Stopping and licking about. Around 4 am with no sleep I grabbed her took her to kitchen sink for a rinse of area. She never had bath before so I tryed as much as I could with her fighting to rinse. She then was able to sleep. As I woke up this morning she was shaking back left back leg like paw had a splinter or something. And rubbing her ear like a earache. I went to work and out of curosity began to search internet on this and ran across this site immediatley I told wife to take cat to vet which was during lunch 12 pm. Now it is wait and see. I called Hartz and they did not seem surprised either they took my info and symptoms and told me to send Vet bill and diagnosis to them via mail to New Jersey Address. Its ashamed that they continue to sell this product and disrupt innocent consumers and pets lives. I hope my cat will survive this brutal poisoning. =(

A follow-up to

Since I last wrote about my cat Zoe’s death due to a Hartz Control One flea and tick application, I have pursued a number of avenues and found that if you are concerned enough, something will happen. The local newspaper in my area is doing a story on what happened to my cat – the reporter has done a lot of investigation and has contacted the Hartz Corporation, my Veternarian and other related sorces to get a fair and accurate account of what happened, why it happened and how others can keep the same thing from happening to their pet(s). Her first contact with the Hartz Corporation produced very little, but apparently they are going to get back to her within the next few days. While talking with them, she was told that they never received the paper work on the procedures done to Zoe nor had they received the package I sent with all of the information (including the procedure report) they required. Thankfully I had put a return receipt confirmation on the package sent and was able to find out the exact date and time Hartz received the package. I called the representative from Hartz and was told he wasn’t aware that the package was received and that he was very sorry and that I would hear from them by the end of this week. This Hartz representative had called my veternarian for information – but my Vet told them he would need my permission to talk with them. I gave him just that, today~ He is very anxious to speak with Hartz and to let them know his opionion of their product and to also let them know that he is 99% sure their product caused Zoe’s death. As far as hearing from Hartz in the near future? I wonder. It has now been three weeks since my cats death and I seriously doubt I will hear anything from them for many more weeks. But…I am not letting this incident go, and if anyone else has lost an animal to a Hartz treatment..please please don’t let it go. Do anything and everything you can to make the public aware of the danger of using Hartz products and also keep persuing Hartz for their obvious lack of concern for what their product is doing to millions of cats everywhere.

Jennifer Brown

We lost our cat Figaro

We lost our cat Figaro in July. We thought we were using a safe product since it carried the Hartz name and was over the counter. We assumed it would be milder than the products from the vet.

We used the Hartz flea and tick drops on all three of our cats as instructed by the package. It was messy and seemed like alot of product to apply.

We left on vacation two days later and our neighbor fed and looked in on our cats while we were gone for a week.

Figaro was very skittish around strangers and our neighbor never sees him when she comes over. This was normal. She did however find two vomit spots on the carpet.

When we returned everything seemed fine except Figaro had two patches of dried/hard skin and hair sticking up on the back of his neck where we had applied the Hartz drops. We pulled them off and he went on his way. (Unbeknownst to us our children had caught the other two cats and wiped off alot of the product with a wet wash cloth – they couldn’t catch Figaro so his stayed on at full strength)

The next day was Sunday and late that afternoon my daughter watched Figaro leap to the top of the table and fall upon landing. He was twitching and was obviously having a convulsion/seizure. She called for me and my son and we came running. Figaro was still twitching as I grabbed him. He took two breaths and stopped moving annd breathing. He became extremely limp. I tried to resucitate him but was unsucessful. He was gone.

We called the emergency clinic and they told us to freeze him and take him the following day to our vet. What a mistake!!! Because we followed their directions an autopsy could not be performed. We looked Sunday night on the web (due to the dry hair) and were shocked at what we found.

We felt sure the Hartz product was to blame even though time had passed since we first applied it. There is no telling how many seizures he may have had while we were gone. When we told our vet what happened he felt sure that the Hartz was to blame since at a recent checkup everything was fine. However, we have no proof this was the cause and no case to sue over. Yet I feel sure this is what killed him.

My children and I watched our cat die in my arms and there was nothing we could do. We have decided we can help educate the public to this horrible danger. We tell everyone we can about the dangers of using this product.

I even told a client who had recently purchased Hartz for her two elderly small dogs. She got it because it was convenient. She had previously gotten all her flea and tick control products from the vet. She had been meaning to apply it for two days but something kept getting in the way. After we talked she immediately returned the product and was going to tell her friends.

Our cat’s death will not be end. Figaro is helping others because we are telling his story to as many people as we can. His death will hopefully help prevent others from suffering a loss like we have had.



I was talking to a friend of mine today. She told me this horrible story about Hartz and this web site she found. She was so upset about all the cats that have been hurt by this company. I was stunned by the stories she was telling me about this site. I asked her for the web address and later went to your site. I read all the heart breaking stories and felt just mortified for the pets and the owners too. As I sat there reading the stories a thought came to mind about Hartz and other products out there. First was what does Hartz have in it that is so dangerous? What about the product from the vet, what?s in them that makes them so safe? So off to the net I went. I found that Hartz Advanced Care Plus for cats over and under 10 pounds has Phenothrin and (S)-Methoprene. Phenothrin is pyrethroids which is a
synthetic form of pyrethrins. The (S)- Methoprene is a IGR which stand for Insect Growth Regulator


I also found that Phenothrin is in a lot of human products like Rid Lice. Then I went to Frontline and looked up what was in it. Fipronil is the insecticide in this product
http://www.apnm.org/publications/resources/fleachemfin.pdf. After reading this site I went out on the net and found just as many horrible stories about Frontline, Advantage, Bio Spot, Zodiac and other brands. So what?s my point? If you are going to be against Hartz for what has happened to your pet that is fine. You have every right to be angry. But why not be AGAINST ALL
INSECTICIDES. Take the time to go out there and read the information on the products. NONE OF THEM are 100% safe including the product from the vet and all of them are
INSECTICIDES which are poisons.

Contact the store where you purchased the product now!

If you have not contacted the store where the product that injured your pet was purchased please do so as soon as possible. I contacted my local Petco where I purchased the product (Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick Drops Plus) and they offered to refund my money and pay my vet bills (though I have to wait a week for the manager to return). Furthermore, the salespeople were so upset that they called the manager, who is out of town, to tell him and even called their district manager and their distributing department to see about having the products removed from the shelves. They told me that I was the first to come forward with this information. For some reason many people don’t think to contact the store where the product was purchased, but THEY ARE LIABLE for the products they sell; the manufacturer is not the only liable party. Also, if your vet is willing, please have them call the store. If the product was purchased at Petco have the vet call 1-888-583-6044 Ext 0 and ask for the person in charge of vendors (this number is to Petco’s corporate office).

If you go to the store it is best to bring the receipt, the product , and your vet bills. If you no longer have the receipt or product, please bring the bill with the vet’s diagnosis of your pet on it so that there is a chance the product could be removed from the shelves. Please also ask them to remove the product from their shelves. Bringing facts with you from this site and others also helps. Also, grocery stores will be harder to deal with than pet stores, but please don’t be discouraged; even if the manager or salesperson is rude, the store still owes you some form of compensation; however they may not remove the product from their shelves. To quote an Albertsons employee, “the product must first be recalled before it’s removed from the shelves”.

Once a store is aware that they sell a dangerous product, I believe, they become liable if they knowingly continue to sell the item or items after they have been given proof that it is harmful (it doesn’t matter whether you purchased the product there or not).