Warned Not To Use Hartz In Time!

My cat is one of the lucky ones.I’ve had cats all through my life, and when I was young, none of our cats (who were indoor/outdoor by parental decision) was ever infested with fleas. This past December, I moved in with my fiance (now husband) who is in the Coast Guard. Because I missed my cats back in my hometown (who are now my mom’s companions), and because my fiance would be away for two months on a Coast Guard patrol, we adopted a 12-week-old tabby boy from the local shelter to be my companion and company. Obviously he brought me much joy and companionship, and I don’t know if I could have gotten through two months away from my fiance in a new place with no job to keep me occupied without my Tag.In March, while my fiance was away, I noticed that Tag had fleas. I was on a somewhat limited budget so I decided against going to the vet about it–it was just fleas, after all. So I planned to check out nearby stores (I was bike-bound) to see what they had in stock. Fortunately I had mentioned the situation in my weblog (online journal). One of my over-the-net friends had worked as a vet technician and had seen far too many cases of Hartz toxicity causing seizures and even killing cats, and she warned me off the product right away with her stories of what she’d seen.I was panicked. I had almost considered buying something cheap because I figured flea control wouldn’t be a very difficult problem, unlike illnesses or the like, and because Hartz is so omnipresent and because I recognized the name, I likely would have bought their flea drops. But instead I took Tag to the vet and purchased Advantage. He hasn’t had fleas since, nor has his new companion Moonlight, another adoptee.I only recently found this website after a friend mentioned her struggles to keep her cats’ fleas under control while on a tight budget. She had bought Hartz flea drops today and I told her to return it, or even just throw it out. I searched with Google and found hundreds of postings on messageboards, and then found this website, and presented them to her. She won’t use it, and neither will other acquaintances of mine. Even if it is just a simple weblog, I have linked to this site and revealed the story, and I’ve had horrified friends tell me they have been using Hartz products on their cats. They all feel so horrible! But none of us are at fault–Hartz is everywhere, so it seems trusted, and the word just isn’t out about what the product can do. We just didn’t know, and that ignorance coupled with Hartz’s eye on the Almighty Dollar instead of making products that are SAFE to use is why our animals continue to suffer temporary or permanent damage or even die from a product we trusted that came from a name we trusted. And Hartz’s words to the EPA effectively say that we are too stupid to read the product labelling and that’s the only reason why animals get hurt from it! It’s a real outrage, and I know that I will never buy ANY Hartz or Hartz-affiliate product again; it’s foolish to continue to trust a company so irresponsible about their products. I urge readers to check the Hartz webpage; I didn’t know that Wardley fish foods were affiliated with Hartz!Tag may owe me his life for adopting him, but it’s likely that if my friend didn’t warn me, he may have died from Hartz, as a scrawny six-month-old kitten. And he looks just like the cat from the main banner! All the stories are heartbreaking, but word is being spread and action is being taken. Eventually Hartz won’t be able to sweep it under the rug anymore.

-“Mommy” to Tag and Moonlight in Corpus Christi, TX

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