After having written two previous stories on losing my two and a half year old kitten… I have good and bad news. The good news is that there will be a story written in my local newspaper on my kitten’s death and how it happened, along with as much information as the reporter could gather on WHY this kitten died. The bad news is that it was Hartz Control One flea and tick treatment was used on my kitten and caused her death. Less than one hour after the treatment she died at the Animal Hospital. She went into seizures within an hour after I had given her the treatment. I rushed her immediately to the Hospital. Within twenty four hours she died. Contacts with Hartz has produced nothing. I sent the box that the viles came in along with one of the viles used. I kept one….just in case. After three weeks and a call from the reporter that is doing the story on my kittens death, Hartz said they hadn’t received the package, but I had a delivery confirmation put on the package and promptly called them and informed them that they did indeed receive what I had sent. When the reporter once again called Hartz to find out any further information they had on my case…the Hartz Veterinarian said that it wasn’t their product that was the case of her death, it was probably a stroke or a cardiovascular problem. At this present time I am about to have my kittens body exhumed and autopsied by my local vet and also intend to have the vile I kept (of the Hartz treatment) analyzed to see exactly what is in it for chemicals. I KNOW this product killed my cat and will go to any length I need to to prove it. Hartz…thus far (over four weeks) has not contacted me at all. I am doing my very best to fight a very big company and want others who have gone through terrible situations like this to do the same. At present I am also seeking legal representation regarding this situation and hope that I will have some impact on removing Hartz Flea and Tick treatmants from store shelves…and making the Hartz Corp. PAY for my and other’s loses. Thank you for reading this and I hope you will stand up for your and your pet’s rights!

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