I almost lost my Casey

On August 18, 2003 I applied Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops to my Casey. I was home with her for a time and then left to take my nieces to lunch. When I got home a few hours later, I couldn’t find Casey, who normally runs to meet me. I started calling and searching room to room, I even checked the basement. As I started to recheck rooms, Casey came dragging herself through the hallway, shaking and trembling all over. I called the emergency animal clinic in my area (thank God there is one) and they said to wash her neck and get her there right away. They gave her a complete bath, which increased the tremors and then gave her a shot of muscle relaxant. They put charcoal in her and put her on IV’s. She stayed there for several hours and they would only let me take her home if I promised to take her to my vet first thing in the morning, which of course, I did. She ended up staying at my Vet’s for two days, staying on the IV’s and taking the muscle relaxant. The emergency clinic told me that they had this problem with the Hartz product and had a posting on the wall from pandecats.com. They said they had several cats come in because of this product. At that point I was furious. How dare they keep this product on the market. I contacted my local TV station. They have interviewed me and my vet. They are going to interview the emergency clinic and stores in the area that sell this product. I don’t know yet when it will air, but I want all cat owners to know about this product and NEVER use it. I want it off the market. I also told the TV reporter about this website, and she was very pleased to be able to gather more information from it. LET’S MAKE SURE THIS PRODUCT IS TAKEN OFF THE MARKET before any other cat suffers or dies from this poison.

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