Thank God I stayed home from work….

My one year old kitty has been suffering from a bad case of fleas recently.
My master plan was to get both of my cats treated at the same time, then remove
them for a day and de-bug the apartment. Tobey (the youngest and victim) had
been tearing herself to pieces over this and had several scabby areas around her
neck. I wanted to get Advantage but I, like some of you, figured the store brand
Hartz would be more mild and of course it’s less costly. So I bought it
(Advanced Care for Cats & Kittens under 10 lbs) at a local department store.
brought it home and did as the directions instructed. She was fine the first
night. a little grumpy at me for putting this smelly stuff on her. but otherwise
fine. I had recieved a little note from my landlord that an appraiser was coming
over the next day to draw out some plans (I live in an apartment building) so
they can refinance the place. He had a copy of our keys and was going to be
alone. I don’t like the idea of someone being in my place alone or trust anyone
to not leave my cats out. Tobey is small and quick. I felt it would be
better for me to stay home with them rather than worry about them all day at

I decided to clean the place up a little before he got there. I left Tobey in
my bedroom with the door closed and my oldest was out on my balcony. Around
noon, I went into my bedroom to check on Tobey. she was a little groggy
from being asleep. I sat down and started to pet her. This is when I
noticed she was shivering. I know that cats do not do this when they are
cold. and it is far from cold around here anyway. We had a bad thunderstorm
earlier in the morning so I thought maybe it scared her, but again,
shivering is not a typical “scaredy cat” reaction. Then it dawned on
me… the flea medication!!!!

I immediately bathed her with some pet shampoo. towel dried her and set her
on the floor. First of all. this cat does not like to be washed (as most
don’t) and it alarmed me that she just sat there for it. I set her on the
floor when I was done and she sunk to the ground. It seemed she could
barely hold herself up. She walked into the living room and though she did
use her scratching post and began grooming herself, she did so while
continuing to shake. I was fearful that she would pass out on me. She
made it up her cat tree, played with a feather and then layed down. I
watched her for awhile to see if bathing her helped any but she continued to
shake and was pretty lethargic. I called a local vet and took her in. He
said I did the right thing by washing her immediately and he gave her a
cortizone shot to help stop the itching from the fleas although he said he
couldn’t find any So apparently, the Hartz worked. He was not
surprised. He actually walked into the room “another Hartz Mountain
victim?”. They need to take this product off the market!!!! Labels don’t
matter… if the product is bad enough to create this website. Hartz needs
to stop making this product. Period!!!!

Today, Tobey is back to her normal crazy self, but who knows what would have
happened had I not stayed home. I got to work today and began doing research on
the product and I am truly shocked at this level of harm this stuff has done. My
heart goes out to all those who have lost their precious little ones. I will
never purchase another Hartz product again – not until they stop making this
dangerous poison.

Anyone who wants to write me: [email protected]

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