Hartz nearly killed my cat.

Since Hartz is a well-known brand that has been available
for years, when our cats got fleas, we decided to pick up
a package of Hartz Flea & Tick Control. We applied it
to the backs of the necks of three of our cats, two
neutered male mongrels and a female bengal breeder.
The two mongrels did fine, but the bengal female became
sick. She suffered stomach convulsions and yowled in pain.
At the time we didn’t know about the animal ambulance, and
from what we were seeing, we didn’t think we’d get her to the vet’s on time. Besides, we didn’t want our to die in a hospital. We wanted her home where she could be held and loved.
We washed her off and prayed that she would recover.
Happily, she did so and is now living happily with her mother (whom we adopted later), three half-brothers, one half-sister three nieces, and one nephew.

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