Hartz killed my cat!

Sith (my 2 1/2 yr. old Black Domestic Shorthair) had some fleas. I went to Walmart and purchased Hartz drops, brought it home and put it on him. Putting medicine on him is a feat in itself since he only allows you to touch him when it’s convenient for him (his Mom was a Siamese). A little later I noticed he was acting groggy but it was hot out so I didn’t think much of it. The next day he was worse so I called the vet from work. The receptionist told me there had been several cats brought in recently who’d had bad reactions to Hartz. She told me to bring him in the next morning when the vet would be in. I got home that night and my husband met me in the driveway. I asked what he was doing. He told me he was digging a grave because Sith had died about 15 minutes before I got home. I just tried to contact Hartz.com, Every Pet’s Best Friend and apparently got black listed!!!! I wasn’t rude, and didn’t include any random swears (as I am prone to doing). That was another feat! I will be writing a letter to the local paper in hopes it will get published. I have also contacted PETA. I would like to express my condolenses to other who have lost their companions because of Hartz carelessness.

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