Hartz flea drops killed my cat

This is a follow up to a story I wrote two days ago regarding my male cat Mo who died today about a week and a half after I used Hartz flea drops on him. As I said before, I watched for signs and there were no immediate signs, but a week after the drops, he was lathargic and ill.

Today, at 5 a.m. he passed away. I am going to contact Hartz regarding this. It is not the money I spent on the vet bill I care about, I only want them to STOP putting this on shelves. They have a logo that says: Every pets best friend”…..if that is true, why are they continuing to produce this flea product which is so lethal to so many cats!

I pray that all little animals don’t have to go through what my Mo did. His red cells dropped day by day and he fought to live. Now he is in a better place.

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