You know you usually don’t think of investigating products for your pets before you buy. We have a healthy 2 year old cat to which my wife saw 1 flea on her and we were scared it would harm her. So she insisted on me to go get something for her so me and wife go to grocery store and pick up this product and go home I apply like directions say which was covered up by a metal antitheft tag over majority of the back. So I couldn’t see alot of the precautions. Well about I applyed at 6pm yesterday and 12 am this morning she usually sleeps with us she was acting very irrated running around restless. Stopping and licking about. Around 4 am with no sleep I grabbed her took her to kitchen sink for a rinse of area. She never had bath before so I tryed as much as I could with her fighting to rinse. She then was able to sleep. As I woke up this morning she was shaking back left back leg like paw had a splinter or something. And rubbing her ear like a earache. I went to work and out of curosity began to search internet on this and ran across this site immediatley I told wife to take cat to vet which was during lunch 12 pm. Now it is wait and see. I called Hartz and they did not seem surprised either they took my info and symptoms and told me to send Vet bill and diagnosis to them via mail to New Jersey Address. Its ashamed that they continue to sell this product and disrupt innocent consumers and pets lives. I hope my cat will survive this brutal poisoning. =(

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