Hartz flea drops is killing my cat

A week and a half ago I applied Hartz Advanced care flea drops, for under 10 lb. cats, on my three year old male cat Mo. He is twelve lbs. and so I figured it would be a light dose of this product.

He did not exhibit any signs immediately. However, he seemed to hide and want to be isolated from us, which is not his nature. Within a week, he suddenly became very weak and sleepy. I had read that if there is a reaction to bathe the animal which is what I did in diluted shampoo. This was traumatic for him due to his weakened condition. We took him to the vets and they ran blood work on him to the tune of $161 and also said he was negative for feline leukemia and aids. They said he appeared to have something going on that dropped his red cell count drastically. They don’t think he will survive. We are giving him fluids with a needle inserted in his skin and hoping for the best. It didn’t appear that there had been any liver or kidney impairment yet, but there is little hope for him.
I am so sorry that I used this product on my once healthy rambunctious boy. If he doesn’t make it, it will just break my heart. Hartz will know about this if he does die!!

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