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Since I last wrote about my cat Zoe’s death due to a Hartz Control One flea and tick application, I have pursued a number of avenues and found that if you are concerned enough, something will happen. The local newspaper in my area is doing a story on what happened to my cat – the reporter has done a lot of investigation and has contacted the Hartz Corporation, my Veternarian and other related sorces to get a fair and accurate account of what happened, why it happened and how others can keep the same thing from happening to their pet(s). Her first contact with the Hartz Corporation produced very little, but apparently they are going to get back to her within the next few days. While talking with them, she was told that they never received the paper work on the procedures done to Zoe nor had they received the package I sent with all of the information (including the procedure report) they required. Thankfully I had put a return receipt confirmation on the package sent and was able to find out the exact date and time Hartz received the package. I called the representative from Hartz and was told he wasn’t aware that the package was received and that he was very sorry and that I would hear from them by the end of this week. This Hartz representative had called my veternarian for information – but my Vet told them he would need my permission to talk with them. I gave him just that, today~ He is very anxious to speak with Hartz and to let them know his opionion of their product and to also let them know that he is 99% sure their product caused Zoe’s death. As far as hearing from Hartz in the near future? I wonder. It has now been three weeks since my cats death and I seriously doubt I will hear anything from them for many more weeks. But…I am not letting this incident go, and if anyone else has lost an animal to a Hartz treatment..please please don’t let it go. Do anything and everything you can to make the public aware of the danger of using Hartz products and also keep persuing Hartz for their obvious lack of concern for what their product is doing to millions of cats everywhere.

Jennifer Brown

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