I was talking to a friend of mine today. She told me this horrible story about Hartz and this web site she found. She was so upset about all the cats that have been hurt by this company. I was stunned by the stories she was telling me about this site. I asked her for the web address and later went to your site. I read all the heart breaking stories and felt just mortified for the pets and the owners too. As I sat there reading the stories a thought came to mind about Hartz and other products out there. First was what does Hartz have in it that is so dangerous? What about the product from the vet, what?s in them that makes them so safe? So off to the net I went. I found that Hartz Advanced Care Plus for cats over and under 10 pounds has Phenothrin and (S)-Methoprene. Phenothrin is pyrethroids which is a
synthetic form of pyrethrins. The (S)- Methoprene is a IGR which stand for Insect Growth Regulator

I also found that Phenothrin is in a lot of human products like Rid Lice. Then I went to Frontline and looked up what was in it. Fipronil is the insecticide in this product After reading this site I went out on the net and found just as many horrible stories about Frontline, Advantage, Bio Spot, Zodiac and other brands. So what?s my point? If you are going to be against Hartz for what has happened to your pet that is fine. You have every right to be angry. But why not be AGAINST ALL
INSECTICIDES. Take the time to go out there and read the information on the products. NONE OF THEM are 100% safe including the product from the vet and all of them are
INSECTICIDES which are poisons.

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