Contact the store where you purchased the product now!

If you have not contacted the store where the product that injured your pet was purchased please do so as soon as possible. I contacted my local Petco where I purchased the product (Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick Drops Plus) and they offered to refund my money and pay my vet bills (though I have to wait a week for the manager to return). Furthermore, the salespeople were so upset that they called the manager, who is out of town, to tell him and even called their district manager and their distributing department to see about having the products removed from the shelves. They told me that I was the first to come forward with this information. For some reason many people don’t think to contact the store where the product was purchased, but THEY ARE LIABLE for the products they sell; the manufacturer is not the only liable party. Also, if your vet is willing, please have them call the store. If the product was purchased at Petco have the vet call 1-888-583-6044 Ext 0 and ask for the person in charge of vendors (this number is to Petco’s corporate office).

If you go to the store it is best to bring the receipt, the product , and your vet bills. If you no longer have the receipt or product, please bring the bill with the vet’s diagnosis of your pet on it so that there is a chance the product could be removed from the shelves. Please also ask them to remove the product from their shelves. Bringing facts with you from this site and others also helps. Also, grocery stores will be harder to deal with than pet stores, but please don’t be discouraged; even if the manager or salesperson is rude, the store still owes you some form of compensation; however they may not remove the product from their shelves. To quote an Albertsons employee, “the product must first be recalled before it’s removed from the shelves”.

Once a store is aware that they sell a dangerous product, I believe, they become liable if they knowingly continue to sell the item or items after they have been given proof that it is harmful (it doesn’t matter whether you purchased the product there or not).

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