Within 24 hours..

Please read this and beware! Just a week and a half ago, I gave my cat a flea and tick treatment: Hartz Control Spot. Within one hour she went into seizures. I rushed her to the animal hospital and withing 24 hours she died. “Zoe” was only two and a half years old..was an indoor cat and the love of my life. As soon as I arrived with her at the animal hospital they asked me if I had used the Hartz product on her..of course I said yes. I was later told by my Vet that the product should not be on the market and that it was very toxic to many cats nervous systems..due to the ingredient “permethrin”. He also said that he had contacted all of the merchants in my immediatae area and asked them not to carry this product due to its potential danger to cats. My Vet and all of his assistants did everything they could to save Zoe..but they were not able to. I am very determined to do something about this situation. Nothing is going to bring my pet back..but the satisfaction of trying to get this product off the shelves will help ease some of the pain. I did contact the Hartz Corp…and sent them the information they requested. I have no idea what they are going to do or offer, but know that even if they were willing to pay her hospital bill..it wouldn’t be enough. I want only to have this product banned from shelves any and everywhere. No one…and I mean, NO ONE should lose thier pet by “caring” enough to give them a flea and tick treatament. My heavy heart wants some kind of justice for this injustice. Please, not only DO NOT buy this product..spread the word to anyone you know who has a cat or kitten. This situation is just so unbelievable to me…and so unfair and sad. One day I have a beautiful loving cat..the next day I am making her a grave marker.

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