Hartz Flea Collar Caused Seizures

About one month ago I bought a Hartz Control Flea and Tick collar at Wal-Mart for my dog Roger. He is a 9 year-old Australian Shepherd. I put it on him that night and thought nothing of it.

Three days ago Roger had a gripping seizure. He was calmly snoozing at my feet one minute and convulsing, frothing at the mouth and stiff the next. To our knowledge, he’s never before had a seizure. I took him to the vet’s yesterday and he checked out okay. After some advice to look up the chemicals in the collar online, I found that one of the main ingredients, tetrachlorvinphos (an organophosphate), has been known to cause several side effects in both cats and dogs. I’m convinced this is the cause of Roger’s seizure and immediately removed the collar upon becoming knowledgeable of the effects.

Roger hasn’t had a seizure since, though it’s only been three days. However, I’m praying that since removing the collar, he won’t have another episode again. After perusing this site and the horror of my own experience, I certainly won’t be using any Hartz products, and I will be sure to warn others.

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  1. I, too, had the same experience with the Hartz brand flea collar. I have 2 dogs, both mixed breed, but only my “schnoodle” was affected with these terrifying seizures. Unlike Rogers owner, I didn’t figure it out until 3 days (and 3 hour long seizures) later. Since I took the collar off of him, he has been fine. I hope this helps other pet owners!

  2. One of our dogs had the same effect within 1 day of adding this same collar. She is still sick 9 months later, she had 3 seizures today. They are hard to watch.

    1. We have 2 poms and we too think these colors are linked. After a long 2-3 minute sesure with him running in place and foaming and head shaking it was a horrific experience I quick took the collar off and see this blog and new my Instinks could be right…the sad thing is how do we protect our dogs from ticks…aargh

  3. I have a Terrier – Pom mix and had similar results. She just dropped and when I picked her up her mouth was closed very tight.
    Walmart needs to remove these collars. Byers

  4. I have a pug with same problem
    She had a seizure took her to vet
    Vet didn’t know about the collar
    We took collar off and no more problems
    The collar should be removed from retail

  5. Yes, I have a Yorkie and he also had seizures. Last summer he had 2. All winter he had none. Soon as we put new collar on in March. He had a bad seizure last night. It’s very scary to see him go through this. We took his collar off last night. He will not be wearing one ever again.

  6. I also bought 2 Hartz flea collars at Walmart for my male and female cats..I wasn’t worried becuz they have had these on before, I started noticing my female cats was having diarrhea meowing ALOT and hair loss around her eyes chin and when I would brush her big flakes would be on the brush ..she was pretty serious about me doing her face I know why now , well it’s been a month ..last nite my husband and I noticed at the same time she was having involuntary head jerks and freezing up ..seizures I screamed omg what is wrong with her my husband immediately went over to her and got her pink collar off then the flea collars..she had a solid ring and in one spot a sore starting from where the flea collar sat, no wonder she was itching around her face and persistent with brushing she was suffering this whole time peeing and meowing loud sometimes right in my ear the last thing o would’ve ever thought was the flea collar was the reason. I feel so bad I was slowing killing her .. seizures REALLY ?! WHY IS THIS PRODUCT STILL ON THE MARKET ? I HOPE TO SPREAD THE WORD EVERYWHERE IM ALLOWED TOO , DO NOT BUY THIS COLLAR AND TELL UR FRIENDS ALSO

  7. Yep! My son put a Hartz flea collar on his pit mix. 24 hours later he had a seizure. NEVER had one before. He is a healthy, active, 6 year old. We removed the flea collar immediately. Even so, he had another seizure the next morning. Took him to the vet, who said, very likely the flea collar caused the seizures. Advised bathing him thoroughly to remove residue and wait a few days for the chemical to begin to leave his system. Get this product off the shelves! We’ll never use a flea collar again for sure.

  8. My dog bob Marley was only two years old when I had to put him down, he was my therapy dog and on Labor Day he tragically had seizures all day with no help from any vet. I noticed he was wearing the hartz collar and has only been wearing it for two days. I had no choice to put him down after 12 hours of nothing but seizures had fried his brain and he was stiff still shaking even under all the medicine they gave him at our last resort animal hospital which was an hour 1/2 away. I will never EVER use these again! Hope no one does.. the amount of pain and suffering I’m going through no one should bare. It’s like losing a family member..

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