My Vet thinks

A few days after applying Hartz flea drops on our cat, we found him acting stangely. First, he kinda hid outside and would’nt come in the house. A few housrs later he came in, but pretty much stayed in the same spot for hours and would’nt eat. After two days of not eating, he finally took some milk. Then we noticed his pupils were completely dialated,and were’nt reacting to light. We took him to the Vet where he was given a complete blood test, which showed nothing wrong. When I told the Vet he started acting stange after the drops, he said it may be the cause. We had to have him bathed by a professional groomer, and the Vet gave him several shots to counteract a possible reaction. After three days, the cat still has fully dialted pupils, but is eating and drinking normally.I have to take the cat back to the Vet in a few days.I found the empty vial of Hartz drops and plan to take them with me. If this is found to be the problem, I intend for Hartz to hear all about it!!

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