Almost lost my cat

Like everyone else, I was unaware of the danger of Hartz Advanced Care flea and tick drops. After following the directions precisely as the packaged label stated, I noted within a few hours that my beautiful calico cat was suffering from muscle tremors. She was rushed to the vet where she was diagnosed with pyrethrin toxicity (yes from the flea and tick drops poisoning her!!!) She had generalized muscle tremors, was mostly unresponsive, had an elevated temperature and heart rate. She required immediate bathing, IV Fluids for 1 and a half days as well as several dosages of methocarbamol, a muscle relaxant. She continues to be pretty out of it and lethargic even 3 days home from the hospital. When I spoke with the Hartz corporation they were nonchalant to say the least……..I am now working on getting my “Pumpkin” back to good health and on alerting all pet owners that I know. I think mass emails would do nicely.

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