My 8 year old cat is mentally & physically damaged after seizures

July 2003. Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats. We usually use a flea collar but switched to the Hartz flea and tick spray a week and a half ago. Our black cat Freddy was sprayed the first day. The other cat the next day. The next morning we found him in full seizure. We quickly took both cats to the vet where they were bathed. Freddy has been at the vets since. He doesn’t appear to know anything anymore, like he has brain damage. They were able to comfort him and reduce the seizures for the first couple of days, then he ran a fever of 105.5 so it was necessary to put him on antiobotics. He couldn’t move for several days, but now is sitting up and walking some. He appears to have injured his back during a seizure. He always turns his head and neck to the left and looks lost. He has not recognized me since the second day of seizing. He even growels at me now. He sits in the cage and looks lost and scared. I believe he has lost some vision. His eyes are still somewhat dialated even after 1 week. When we get him out of the cage he looks confused, and possibly in pain. He ate food one day, but has quit again. Does anyone know anything about recovering from this severe poisioning? After having a catheter for a day or so, He is not able to go to the bathroom. and does not know us anymore. I don’t know whether or not to have the vet put him to sleep or keep hoping he will mentally and physically come back to us.

We looked on the internet and found all this info about Hartz products and realized that we are a year or two behind the game. My children cry and want their cat back. Yet, I do not know what to do anymore. Our hope is fadeing, and our vet bills are high. I plan to send the vet bills and diagnosis to Hartz. But thats not the point. We love our cats of 8 years.

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