Did follow the new directions

I didn’t know about the severe reactions many cats were having to Hartz flea and tick products. I bought a Hart product for killing fleas and ticks on cats 10 lbs and under. The next day one cat was fine, the other was listless, not eating, slight tremor (dipping her head). I tried to wash it off, but the cat fought me and scratched me up pretty bad. I called the emergency vet number and they said to bring it in or try to get off the pesticide by rubbing with a wet towel. I chose to do the latter and wait the 4 hours til my husband could get home and help me give her a bath. We gave both cats a bath using a non-insecticide pet shampoo at a diluted strength. That was yesterday, Saturday. Now, Sunday morning, the tremor has stopped, but the cat is still listless with no appetite. I’m hoping she is getting better. If she is still not eating by tomorrow, Monday, I will bring her in to the vet. I will NEVER buy another Hartz product again.

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