Small doses = Big bills

After my indoor cat had mastered the art of popping out screens, I decided a flea treatment would be a good idea. Even though she was over 10 lbs., I didn’t feel comfortable using the dosage for that size. Opting for the dosage for cats 10 lbs. and under, I administered it per the directions. Imagine my surprise when my poor cat started to have difficulty walking, began to pant and drool, and couldn’t stand to be touched. When I called the emergency vet, she knew that it was Hartz before I even had the chance to tell her the brand!

After a night in the hospital, hooked up to a catheter and an IV, my little patient gets to come home today. While her battle may be over, Hartz’s is just beginning! I’ve filed the paperwork and will make sure that Target pulls the brand off it’s shelves and Hartz will be seeing my sizeable vet bill!

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