Oh Good God

We applied Hartz Advantage to both our cats last night – completely unaware of the horrible experiences of others’ poor cats. When we woke up this morning, our cats were completely different beings. Our feisty, strong-willed older cat now cowers around the apartment, twitching his head and flattening his ears at the slightest noise. Our baby cat, who was timid to begin with, won’t come out from under the bed and is constantly shaking her head. Her ears havent un-flattened since I saw her when I woke up. Both cats can’t stop shaking their heads. I know this isn’t the case, but it’s like all the fleas crawled inside their ears. They have been bathed and now we sit and wait to see if their reactions improve. We don’t have the money to take them to the vet and can only do so if the situation becomes so dire. I cannot believe Hartz is able to get away with this. Were this a product for people (children – imagine!), they would already be out of business. For a company that focuses on our cherished pets, how can they be so cold, careless, and quietly self-protecting when it comes to handling this matter???? I honestly cannot believe this….and I can’t believe we have put our cats through this. We are partially to blame in that we should have researched this product before using it but, as so many others have had terror with this poison, it should have been taken off the shelves long ago. I cannot express how much we love our cats and if these reactions prove to be permanent, there will be HELL TO PAY!!! I would rather live with fleas MYSELF than watch my cats suffer like this for another day.

Aaron H.
[email protected]

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