Hartz Kitten Flea Collar Kills Kitten

Tiger was my 4 month old kitten I had rescued at 4 weeks old, after having been abandoned. He was such a good kitten, and after noticing a couple of fleas, I figured I would try a hartz kitten flea collar. It said it was SAFE for kittens aged 12 weeks and older, and since he was 4 months old (16 weeks), I figured It wouldnt hurt. 12 hours after i put the flea collar on him, he was internally bleeding, and bleeding out the ears. I rushed him to the emergency vet clinic, where he stayed overnight, and had a seizure. I brought him home the next day, and took him to his normal vet. He was given Vitamin K and steroids to hopefully correct the bleeding and return him to a semi normal state. He was so anemic, he would barely move, and slept all day. The next day he seemed to get worse, and upon taking him back to the vet, there was little hope for him; he was suffering. After a hard decision, I decided to put him to sleep, because he didnt deserve to be in pain. He also didnt deserve to die from a flea collar. I hope Hartz gets the axe, because they arent going to get away scott free. If anyone has any ideas or stories similar, feel free to email or IM me. LOVE YOU TIGER. Always in my heart and never forgotten.

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