Hartz problems

I have no excuse except ignorance and for that ignorance, my babies health are in jeopardy. Our cats are our children. I have always thought that we were good parents but now we are kicking ourselves for hurting our children. We just didn’t know about any of the problems with Hartz Flea drops. We followed the directions on the package. My older cat (6yrs) began showing signs of sensitivity — rapid breathing, twitching, aggitation, wanting to hide under the covers, etc. We bathed him immediately. It seemed to help a little and I wasn’t really too concerned. That relief was short-lived. We ended up taking him in to the Emergency Vet’s office at 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning. After receiving an IV and a muscle relaxer, we were able to bring him home. The vet advised another bath in a ‘degreaser’ such as Dawn dishwater liquid. It’s now been 24 hours. He seems a little better, but is still having twitching. He wants to stay under the covers. He has been eating and drinking on his own — so we are hopeful. After reading others’ stories, I can’t believe this product is still on the market. No one would knowingly poison their beloved pets. We are praying that our baby survives. We are now going to do whatever we can possibly do to see that anyone with ears will listen to our story and do whatever we can to see that this product is taken off the market.

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