Hartz Flea Drops Cause Reaction Similar to Miltary Nerve Agent

I purchased Hartz Plus for Cats on a Sunday evening and administered it to my 2 year old male cat, a 2001 Christmas present to my 11 year old daughter and her favorite Christmas present of all time. About an hour later “George” became very hyperactive and vocal. I didn’t think too much of this until it persisted in different forms over several hours. He developed a persistent twitch in his ears and could not calm down. He jumped up next to me several times seeking comfort and his sides were heaving in and out rapidly from a highly elevated respiration rate. As a retired army officer I recognized this as symptoms of exposure to a nerve agent. I grabbed the box and started searching the internet for “phenothrin”, which only yielded a sterile scientific description. When I combined the search for Hartz, reaction, poison, the search exploded with dozens of sites and tragic stories about adverse reaction by cats to this product. I followed the advice in one story and washed George’s neck and back with a mild soap and a small stream of water thoroughly. I don’t think he was able to sleep much for the next 24 hours but thankfully by Tuesday night he was resting and shows no long term effect of this extremely dangerous poison. Thank you to
all for posting your stories and creating the support and information structure. Please visit and sign the petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/hartz/petition.html, and spread the word.
I have already sent my story to the world headquarters of the Army and Air
Force Exchange Service and requested that they remove it from their shelves.
Anyone from this site has permission to reprint or use any or all of my experience as written above.


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