Different reactions from different cats.

Last weekend I discovered the dangers of using Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops. Saturday night around 11:30, I used the drops on my three cats, Tigger, Phineas, and Ms. Puddy. They seemed fine so we went to bed. When we woke up Sunday morning around 10:00, Ms. Puddy was doing fine, Phineas had a red patch on his neck that he kept scratching, and Tigger wasn’t acting right at all. He was shaking real bad, blinking his eyes alot, and he was having trouble walking with his back legs. I immediately remembered the warning on the box and gave him and Phineas a bath with baby shampoo. After about 2 hours Tigger still wasn’t better, so I got on the internet to see if I could find any info about his reaction the the drops. The first site i came across was this one. The minute I read about the other cats that had died from this I rushed him to the vets office. Thank god I found this website when I did. If I hadn’t gotten Tigger to the vet when I did he could have died. The vet immediately recognized the symptoms and he gave him fluids to flush out his system. He kept him over night to see if he would need medication to calm his twitching and shaking, but after about an hour of fluids he was calming down. This was a prime example of how those drops affect different cats in different ways. Tigger came home the next day and still had trouble walking, but he is improving. Phineas got over his skin irritation. And Ms. Puddy is the only one in the house without fleas.

Hartz really needs to take this product off the shelves so that others don’t have to go through the heartache of losing one of their babies like I almost did and like many others have.

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