My cats’ experience with Hartz

Our cats are indoor-only and we’d never had a problem with fleas, but they were infested by a pet-sitter who brought them into our house with her belongings. Being clueless, we bought some Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick drops.

About 10 minutes after receiving his application, our 18-pound cat, Pippen, was crying and drooling profusely. He was running around frantically. I immediately suspected a reaction to the Hartz and washed it off him. He stopped drooling after that but seemed listless. We took him to the vet, and to our horror, were told that the vet sees over a dozen cases a year of DEATHS caused by reaction to the Hartz. We were lucky that Pippen didn’t have seizures, another common reaction that our vet sees on a regular basis. We were also incredibly lucky that none of our other cats experienced a reaction. For Hartz to claim that reactions are caused by mis-application is ridiculous. We are educated people and can read and follow simple directions. Our vet says that Hartz side-steps any legal action by relabeling the instructions rather than producing a safe product when complaints arise. Since a lawsuit against Hartz, if won, would only compensate for the ridiculously low “monetary value” of a family pet, it is financially unrealistic for most pet owners to go into litigation against a company with huge legal resources.

We are conducting our own personal boycott against any and all Hartz products. Since we own 18 cats, we buy a LOT of pet products.

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