Lost adopted kitty from shelter after only 24 hours

My five yeor old daughter looked at the local Humane Society Animal Shelter for a kitten for four days trying to pick the perfect kitten. After finally deciding on the perfect pet, she adoped “Drew” who she renamed “Tiger”, a 12 week old orange and white kitten that was absolutely adorable! We brought Tiger home and fed him, set up his new bed, litter box, etc. He was perfect for my daughter… loved to be held, purred, and was already litter box trained from the shelter! After a few hours, we noticed that Tiger was covered in fleas. We tried to get them off by combing them out, but were unsuccessful. I had some of the Hartz Control One Spot for Cats and Kittens left from last year that I had used on our 10 year old cat all last summer (and he had never had any reactions.) The label specifically said that it was for “cats AND KITTENS”, so I treated Tiger with one of the applications just before dinner. We played outside with him for about another hour before putting him in his bed so that we could sit down to dinner. When my daughter went to get him after dinner, he had curled up in his bed and was resting, so she went to get her bath and played for a while. We heard Tiger meowing really loudly, so we went to check on him – this was about 3-4 hours after the application of the Hartz medicine. Tiger was trying to get back into his bed from the litter box, but his back legs were completely imobile and he had defacated all over the back of his legs. We instantly picked him up and he had almost become limp, but was still meowing loudly. I tried to wash him off, but noticed that his front legs were now befoming imobile. I looked on the back of the Hartz box for possible side effects. It did not list any, but said for sensitivity to medicine to wash off with lots of water. I then began to wring warm water from the sink over Tiger’s back and body. I wrapped him in warm towels and we held him as he continued to meow and suffer. Tiger died during the night… less than 8-12 hours of the Hartz application and less than 24 hours of picking out the perfect pet for my daughter. Please get the word out about this deadly medicine so no other families will have to suffer the loss of their dear pets.
Crossville, TN

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