Did Hartz Flea Drops kill Ashley?

On May 15, 2003, I applied Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops for Cats on my 4 year old cat, Ashley. Within hours, she was running around the house, freaking out. The next morning, she was trembling and I brought her to my vet. The vet was not surprised that Ashley was suffering and told me they felt the product should be removed from store shelves. The vet bill was $318.00 and Ashley spent the day receiving IV fluids and injections to combat the damage from the drops. Ashley was not the same after that incident. She didn’t eat well, never purred, stared off into space and was just generally not “right.”

Early in the morning on June 16, my neighbor knocked on my door to tell me that Ashley was dead on the lawn.

Did Hartz kill Ashley? I don’t know. My vet says that it’s possible the product affected her liver and kidneys.

I’ve contacted Hartz and they have requested a diagnostic report from my vet and copies of any bills.

I’ve contacted several retailers in Carmichael, CA to get the word out about this deadly product. I will do whatever I can to keep this from happening to others.

Thank you for this website.

~ Barb

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