E-mail from Dr. Chance Fisher

Dr. Fisher wrote in last week and said “As a former veterinarian at Hartz, I can accurately state that we DO NOT produce the Zodiac product line.”

It was late when I received this e-mail and I immediately responded by saying something to the effect of Hartz products are a bunch of garbage. I then asked Dr. Fisher why he was no longer with Hartz.

This was his response:

Actually, if you read the ingredients, the Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Product line has the exact same ingredients as Zodiac, Frontline and Bio Spot. Cats are very sensitive with chemicals and can and do have reactions to certain chemicals in flea treatments. Other companies report just as many reactions as the Hartz company does. In fact, most of the Hartz reports states that the owner either applied the solution inappropriately, or used the wrong product all togehter (i.e. dog product on cats or did not know the weight of the pet and purchased the wrong product for that size of pet.)

The EPA did not recall the Hartz brands, all they asked is that Hartz relabel products so that consumers were more aware on how to apply the product.

As a veterinarian, I have seen just as many cases of chemical toxcity from other flea treatment products as well, it is that Hartz makes it very easy and clear for the consumer to contact the company if anything should occur. Other companies make it more difficult for the consumer to be heard.

Since you asked, I left Hartz to take a position as an Associate Professor at a School of Veterinary Medicine.

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