Blockade Poison

Hartz almost killed my cat. At the time she was only 3 years old, I naively bought some flea spray for pets cause I lived on the east coast at the time, and was dealing with the yearly infestation. I was going out of town for the weekend, but before I left I tried to spray my cat with the flea spray. I only got alittle on her tummy, but she squirmed too much so I just let her go. While I was gone, I had a friend look in on my baby. So when I arrived home late on a sunday night, I read the note on the door saying she was fine and everything went well. But upon entering the apartment I noticed something was very wrong. Tasha just sat huddled up on the floor. She normally would have run up to greet me. I tried to get her to eat some food. And she wasn’t at all interested. That was the dead give away that something was wrong. She’ll eat practically anything at all times. I tried putting water on my fingertips and having her drink it. With minimal results. I called the emergency vet as she crawled slowly onto my lap. Her eyes were glazed over, and she started going into convulsions. I finally reached my vet on the phone. He had been on another emergency call delivering kittens. I described the symptoms, and he told me to just keep an eye on her until the morning. Before I hung up I remembered the blockade, and mentioned it to him. He said “oh my god. She may be dying. Get her to my clinic right away, i’ll meet you there.” Well, after a syringe and a half of atropine, and some small pill put down her throat, he saved my wonderful cats life. She is now 16 years old and going strong, thanks to him. (Thank you so much Dr. Mclawhorn of n.c., I owe you so much.) I think Hartz owes me the $50.00 the vet bill cost me, as well as some for pain and suffering. I have boycotted all hartz products and refuse to buy anything else of theirs, ever. And whenever I can share my story with someone, I do. I have heard countless other accounts of many animals dying of this product produced by Hartz. I hope one day they will be put out of business for their careless and dangerous products. What is it they really care about, when the animals they are supposed to serve suffer?

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