Hartz killed our cat Oliver!

On Tuesday 6/4/03 we had to put our 1 yr old cat Oliver to sleep. We had applied Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick drops plus according to package directions at approx 8pm Monday 6/3/03. At 2:30am, just 6 1/2 hrs later, we awoke to Oliver moaning and convulsing, he was foaming from the mouth . I will never forget this! We rushed him to the vet, who tried to get him to stop seizing with sedatives and anesthesia overnight but everytime they took him off the meds he’d start again. The vet said that he was in toxic shock and they had seen this happen before from Hartz drops . Unfortunately, after 6 hours, we knew he wasn’t going to stop seizing so we had to put him down. I have 2 daughters and I thank God they did not see what happened. It was hard enough to explain that he was in kitty heaven. We will miss him greatly. We are guilt ridden, saddened, and angry at Hartz for knowing this product can cause this harm! We are willing to do what is necessary to get this product off the market so we can stop this senseless suffering!!

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