My cat died 2 days ago from Zodiac flea treatment. I don’t know if Hartz makes it..I wasn’t actually the one that put it on my Kiki. I watched KiKi have seizures and the vet said they could save him but for $800 and I didn’t have it… they wouldn’t bill me… they wouldn’t help. It has been an awful experience and all I want is my Kiki back. He was the best cat and he didn’t deserve to suffer like that. I tried myself to save him and I couldn’t, I had him put to sleep a few hours later. I have never heard of the dangers of this medication… why are they sold? I don’t understand at all but I am MAD and I want these people to understand the pain have caused my children and I. Thank you for this site.


Michele sent her story in today. We’re extremely sorry to hear about your loss. If anyone has any information regarding Zodiac, please submit it to HartzVictims.org and we’ll pass it on to Michele.

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