Cat spent the night with an IV

I bought the flea drops for cats about a week before I went on vacation. I applied it to one cat (the other was outside) on the neck in back, just as instructed. That cat had no problems whatsoever.

I promptly forgot about the other cat. Then, a week later when we were leaving for a week vacation, I remembered the other cat. I was going to put it on, but I remembered that the box said something about a reaction, so I didn’t put it on because I knew we wouldn’t be there if there was a problem.

Boy was I glad I didn’t put it on then leave!

When I got back, I put it on in the evening. The next morning, the cat’s paws were shaking a little as it lifted them. A couple of hours later, my wife said to look at the cat. It was having tremors over its whole body.

We called the vet, and they said to call poison control (huh? Don’t vets know about this?) Anyway, poison control told us to wash the pet, so we did, and we called back the vet. The vet said to bring the cat in, so we did.

We left it there and went to lunch. When we got back, the vet called us and said the cat would need an IV and to stay overnight, so we did that.

I’m going to pick the cat up on the way home from work tonight, since it’s OK, but yeesh, I don’t wanna know the bill. Probably $400-$500 from what I’ve been reading here.

This cat as a tiny kitten already survived a severe infection when we got him, the vet said he had less than a 50/50 chance. He slept with his little paws on my arm.

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