Update on Class Action

May 29, 03
The class action law suit filed against Hartz by the law firm of Faruqi & Faruqi on behalf of one individual( sorry name withheld) The unnamed individual and Hartz have decided to terminate the lawsuit and fully settle all claims which are or could havve been asserted by the unnamed individual, upon the terms and conditions set forth in a Confidential Settlement Agreement.
The Confidential Settlement Agreement may also entitle you to certain benefits from Hartz upon satisfaction of certain conditions. You will need to get the affidavit, from the Law firm, fill it out , have it notarized and sent to Consumer Relations Dept., Attn: Dr. Jill Richardson
The Hartz Mountian Corp 400 Plaza Dr, Seccaucus, New Jersey 07094
no later than July 31, 03. Hartz will send you a general release to sign and return, They will reimburse for the cost of the product and reason and related vet expenses

This means Hartz will still be causing serious injury and possible death to cats that this product is used on.

Many are refusing to go along with this “settlement”
You may want to read the EPA’s report.

There is a new group forming at Yahoo’s groups FelineOwnersAgainstHartz-

If you’d like to join, the groups home page is

Hartz has to be stopped before anymore animals suffer from their flea products.

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