Bootsie-A Senseless, Cruel, & painful end to an innocent Pet

First of all, I am writing this for my mother (as my mother until the end) as she doesn’t have computer access at this time. She lives in a rural section of Vancouver, Wa. The email address is for me as well, and I will forward any information received.

In October 2002, Bootsie, my mom’s Llhasa Apso, was scratching a lot, and after checking, found that she had fleas. I have owned pets off and on for the better part of my life, and, to help my pet, I went to the store, and chose a product that I felt had a name built up, and (I thought) had a safe, and proven product line. HARTZ.
I chose The blockade spray for pets and carpets as she was primarily an indoor dog.

I sprayed the dog according to the directions, and my carpet as well, and went on about my day reassuring Bootsie that those nasty fleas would stop biting her soon enough.

A while later, I came into the house and found that my dog had had some “accidents”
Vomiting and diarrhea. She was acting very peculiar, and I became very worried.
I picked her up and tried to comfort her/and clean her up. She began having seizures!

I called my vet right away and they said to get her in there ASAP! We did.
The vet did their best to treat her symptoms, and stop the seizures, and finally, they stopped for a while. The vet said that she had sustained severe damage, and they didn?t know if it was permanent or temporary. She had trouble remembering ?how to goto the bathroom?, she had trouble eating/swallowing her food. Bootsie was blind and deaf, and was ?scared to death? She didn?t even recognize my mother by other senses such as her scent. They went home with her and tried to make her as comfortable as possible, but she began having seizures again, and crying and crying. Nothing was helping. The vet prescribed medicines, but they worked only temporarily. The carpets and furniture were cleaned to try to remove any residue from the sprayed product as it was possibly causing additional trauma to Bootsie.

Finally, October 27, 2002, we took Bootsie into the vet and had her euthanized. The vet said there was nothing else they could do, and that the seizures (gran mal they were called) had done irrepairable damage. She would simply continue to deteriorate, and the most humane thing to do was let her go!
Bootsie was 1 ? years old and weighed all of 7pounds. She is survived by her ?mother? Angel, and her ?father? Blake.

A report of the vet?s findings concluding that the Hartz product was indeed responsible for poisoning Bootsie. They even gave a copy of the lab results to my mom. Mom then wrote a letter to Hartz, and sent copies of the information given to her by the vet, including the bill, $430.00. Hartz replied that the information submitted was inconclusive, and they were not liable for anything at all. Sorry for the loss.

My mother is a middle aged woman who is permanently disabled and living on a fixed income. Her dog was a loyal companion to her and this has caused a great deal of trauma, grief, and sorrow in her home. If she has to get rid of fleas, what is she supposed to do? Hartz is supposed to be one of the safest product lines in the business, but after doing some research, I find that they are not as safe as the consumer is led to believe.
Please help my mother. She is not asking for the moon, only just compensation.
Please contact her at the number and/or address I?ve provided as she can provide more details/information/documentation.


Toni Vadala

I am hoping to help my mother in some way, as not only did she lose a pet that was very dear to her, she is financially burdened, and had great difficulty paying this enormous vet bill along with her other bills. She is only asking for just compensation for the vet, and the loss of Bootsie.
Nothing less, nothing more.

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